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Ministry Leaders

Meet our team of amazing individuals who serve and minister within City Gate Church Gallatin and are ready to help the us reach the community and spread the Gospel of Christ. We are honored that they are willing to serve with us to make an impact for the Kingdom.

Jeff Henley

My name is Jeff Henley and I’m an Elder here at City Gate Church. I am married to my wife Terri, for 35 years. We have two children Kailey and Trevor and our son-in-law Travis . They’ve given us four beautiful grandchildren; the oldest is Nathaniel, followed by Calista, then Kolbey and Aaron bringing up the rear.


I am a proud veteran of the United States Army. I’m also a licensed master electrician and I’ve been very blessed to work on the nation’s largest data center that we are still building right here in Gallatin. But, I am most proud and so humbled to be a servant for God our congregation.


Six years ago our lives were shook to the foundation, when I was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. I truly felt the hand of God move over me during prayer and when he answered mine and my wife’s prayer we both knew our lives were forever more changed. Only by our heavenly father’s hand was I healed.

Steve Murphy


Hi, I'm Steve Murphy. I came to City Gate Church after a chance meeting with Pastor Howie Cantrell, which I know was God’s will. I met with Howie because I was having trouble dealing with the tragic loss of a very good friend.  After our conversation, I decided to give a Church another try. I’d made many excuses for many years for not going to Church, but for some reason this felt right.  After being at City Gate for a short while, I discovered I had a very large hole in my life and didn't know how to or with what to fill it with. I can say now that by the grace of God and a good Church family God is filling up all the empty spaces.


I have been retired since 2006 and am walking proof that it is never too late to feel Gods love in your life. If you feel something missing in your life, come spend some time with our Church family and see what God has planned for you.  May God bless you every day.

Darrell Morris


Hi, I am Darrell Morris, one of the deacons here at City Gate Church. I live with (and am the eye candy for) my beautiful and oh so patient wife, Christy and our three dogs, Petey, Poncho and Presley.

I work for Binswanger Glass as a commercial estimator. I am a member and Road Captain for the Lebanon chapter of the Roughnecks Motorcycle Club, a public service-based club. Most of our members are either active or retired Police, Fire, EMT or military. I am also a founding member of the Wartrace Regulators, which is a cowboy action shooting club (CAS) and member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) the governing body of SASS.


I am proud, honored and humbled to serve God and this church as a deacon.


Here are a few answers to questions I am commonly asked...






Absolutely not!!

Dr. Rebecca "Becky" Cantrell

Signs of Praise Ministry

​I’m Becky Cantrell, wife of Pastor Howie Cantrell and co-founder of City Gate Church in Gallatin, Tennessee. Together, we have two wonderful sons, Roy (Trey) Cantrell, III and Travis Cantrell, two beautiful Daughter-in-Laws, Erin Cantrell and Melissa Cantrell and two wonderful grandsons, Luke Lawson and Zane Cantrell. We are very excited to have another grandson due in December!


My love for musical signing started around 2004 when I attended a church and saw music being signed for the first time. I immediately started taking sign language classes at two different churches, as well as taking classes at Gate Communications in Franklin, TN, Volunteer State Community College, and the Bill Rice Ranch. The Bill Rice Ranch is where I was given my “Sign Name” (your sign name has to be given by a member of the Deaf community). I joined the Hands of Praise Team where I signed for the Praise and Worship and special music.


In addition to my Sign Language education, I’ve also obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education. To this day, you will still find me up on the stage praising God with my signs and in bible class each week, growing in God’s word.

Dr. April Mooneyhan

Minister of Christian Counseling

My name is April Mooneyhan and I’ve been with City Gate Church since it began. I’m married to Chris and together we have 4 sons and one daughter; two of whom are now adults (one will be married soon) and living on their own!  I’ve been a hairstylist for over 20 years and see no retirement in my future.

I have a passion for counseling and helping others find healing in God and His word. I do my best to serve God and my church where and whenever I’m needed. God has blessed me more than I deserve, and I humbly strive to walk in daily obedience to Him - and although I stumble and fail, He always calls me His own.

In my free time you will usually find me on the lake fishing, preferably alone. My family enjoys spending time outdoors together…especially off roading, sitting around a bonfire or even sledding on a car hood.

Dr. Kerin Fellows

Minister of Christian Education

My name is Kerin Fellows. You are probably saying it wrong. No, seriously. I mostly answer to Mom and мам, but you can call me K.


I moved from the woods of New Hampshire to come live here in the woods of Portland, TN. I live with my husband, Dave, and two of our four children. 


I am a learner first, and then a teacher. I am a follower first, and then a leader. I’m a mom of adult children, a homeschool mom, a host mom, a dance mom, and a mother-in-law. I don’t brag on myself well, and my identity is tied up in Christ and family. 


I have degrees in Studio Arts, Christian Education and Christian Counseling, but in the scope of eternity, what are they worth? What is truly important is that I follow where God leads, I minister where He shows me, and I love big.  I do mess up at times. For example, sometimes I hate. I hate this assignment. The end.

Terri Henley

Church Treasurer

My name is Terri Henley and I’m the treasurer for City Gate Church. I’ve been married to my husband Jeff (who is an elder in the church) for 35 years. We have two children, Kailey and Trevor, and our son-in-law Travis. They’ve given us four grandchildren, Nathaniel, Kolbey, Calista and Aaron, whom I adore.

We’ve been members at City Gate for six years and I absolutely love our church home! I’ve been in accounting for 34 years, and am currently employed at Yapp part time and also part time for the church.


I absolutely love to travel, especially cruising, and my husband tells me I’ve never met a stranger. I also love watching the cheesy Hallmark movies because I love a happy ending.

Donna Miller

Church Secretary

Hi! I’m Donna Miller and I’ve been married since 1984 to my husband Craig. We have an adult daughter Megan and a grand dog, Cooper. My husband and I are originally from Pennsylvania, and during the first 10 years of marriage (due to job transfers) we lived in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia and then we finally put down roots in Sumner County in 1994.


I joined our church in 2015, yet continued to run from God, just like “Jonah”, but God relentlessly pursued me and I totally surrendered to Him, on my knees, a broken mess, in 2016 and there’s been no looking back.  I became the church secretary in 2019 and am humbled on a daily basis that God chose me, a sinner, to work for His glory in His kingdom!


I truly love people.  Nothing brings me more pleasure than a good, deep conversation about life, God, and all points in between….especially with young women trying to find their identity in Christ.  People say I ask a LOT of questions, but it’s an earnest, pure pursuit of understanding someone. I also love reading, cooking, and our Tuesday night bible class (where you’ll find me asking lots of questions!). 

Drs Roy H. & Ina Kaye Cantrell

Pastors Emeritus

Dr. Roy Harold Cantrell was born in Shelby Gap, Kentucky in August 1939. He entered the ministry in 1959 and served as both an evangelist and a pastor until his retirement in April 2012. Together with his wife, Ina Kaye, around 1995 they founded City Gate Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the span of years in the ministry, Dr. Cantrell received a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree from Christian Life School of Theology and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University. Ina Kaye received her Doctor of Ministry (DMin) from Christian Live School of Theology and served as co- pastor. While pastoring City Gate, Dr. Cantrell was founder and president of Life Management Institute, a certified institute of the National Christian Counseling Association.


After retirement, Dr. Cantrell passed the City Gate Church mantle to his son, Roy H. (Howie) Cantrell, the president and founder of City Gate Church in Gallatin, Tennessee. Presently, Drs. Roy and Kaye Cantrell serves as Pastor Emeritus of the church. In the years between entering the ministry and retirement, Dr. Cantrell was also active in various ministries, including a twenty-five-year involvement as a certified teacher/trainer and associate clinical trainer with Evangelism Explosion, an international organization that teaches others to spread the salvation message. He and Ina Kaye traveled on missions to countries including Russia, Cyprus, Kenya (Africa), Guatemala, Cuba, Israel, and many others.


​Pastors Emeritus: Drs. Roy H. and Ina Kaye Goins Cantrell Emeritus is an honorary title bestowed upon one who has retired from a position (pastor, professor, or other professional position) as a way of honoring the individual’s service. Emeritus comes from the Latin word emereri, which means to earn one’s discharge by service. Bestowing the title “Pastor Emeritus” upon a retiring pastor is a way for the church leadership to honor his service to the church. ​Dr. Cantrell has authored several publications, including three books: Scars and Stripes: Hope for Adult Children of Alcoholic Families; Sow Joy: It’s a Choice; Dancing on the Rubble: The Essence of Living A fourth book, Soul-ly Yours: Poems for the Soul, is expected to be published summer 2022.


Drs. Roy and Kaye have been married for sixty years and live in Cleveland, Tennessee. They have two adult children, five grandchildren, and ten great- grandchildren with one on the way.

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